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5 Ways to make your retail business more efficient

If you own a businesses in the retail sector, you’re going to face specific issues that are unique to your industry. Finding the right business management software is vital, especially since it will need to link to the various aspects of your business, from the tills in your store(s) to where you store your stock, whether that’s on premises or at an off-site warehouse.


A 360° view of your business will allow you to highlight any issues before they impact on efficiency and start to affect your business processes. Finding an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that allows you to access and manage data is important, but finding one that recognises industry-specific issues is vital when it comes to solving any of your retail problems. One way to optimise, automate and streamline your business is using Microsoft Dynamics NAV; a single, fully integrated business management solution for retailers. As ERP matchmakers, we connect retailers with Microsoft partners who have specialist knowledge of the retail industry. To get you started, here are 5 ways that the right ERP solution can improve the efficiency of your business;

1. Improved Visibility

By directly integrating your ERP solution with your Point of Sale system you can increase efficiency and improve the visibility of everything from your inventory and financials to customer tracking. With a broader understanding of reporting at every level of the business you can build a clearer view of where improvements can be made, allowing you to make more effective decisions.

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